1 Year Thyroidectomyversary!

******FYI - This post contains graphic photos******

January 31, 2008 - January 31, 2009
That's right today is my 1 year anniversary since my thryoidectomy!

I still can't believe it was a year ago today. I really don't remember much (obviously). I just remember being very loopy and wanting to come home in time for the Super Bowl. However, once starting to watch the Super Bowl, I wanted to down a couple extra percocet (yes, I'm a wicked huge Patriots fan). But that's okay, Super Bowl 42 never existed.
Wow tangent there....

So yes here are a few pics (the reason for the disclaimer; I know not everyone is gross like me and there are many who get queezy by the sight blood). Also I have to give props: the SO was great. Not only for taking care of me during all of the recoupin' but also with helping me by documenting everything. I told him to take pics because I wanted to document the whole process of going through my cancer. I told him to take pics right after surgery so I could see what it looked like, no matter what I told him while on the morphine drip. And he's so good! He actually took pics for me! For a timeline of pictures (we have been photographing the healing process and documenting through facebook) please visit my facebook album titled "Thyroidectomy and Recovery." You may need to friend me first due to my privacy settings.

This was pre-surgery with the cancer lump

This was post-surgery still in the hospital.

I still wish I could have obtained my thyroid in a jar (I love physiology and anatomy -- hence why I'm a researcher).

Post-surgery at home and knitting!

6 Months post surgery.

And here we are 1 year later. I still have the scar. And I'm now getting checked because of a potential recurrence. Cancer sucks. But I'm strong and we'll get through it! I'll keep you all posted!

Now, I'm off to my LYS (River Knits) to get some yarn for the next project!


Lupie said…
I am sorry I missed your anniversary. I hope you did some fun and food was in the picture!
My mind is always on food.