Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let the Holidays Begin!

Finished a pair of Happy Holiday socks! This pair will be given to my brother’s girlfriend, Heather. Last year I gave her a couple of scarves and Calorimetry (here) to match. These were a few of the first things I ever knit and weren’t much to brag about. But she loves them, and here’s hoping she’ll like her new knitted goodies this year!

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces in colorway 208 – Edgewater (isn’t that just the coolest sounding name?).
Pattern: Anastasia Socks by MintyFresh (pattern can be found here).
Started: 11/8/08
Finished: 11/30/08

Yes, those are my feet modeling the socks. I couldn't help it! I love the pattern (see my Anastasia Socks in Claudia Handpainted Yarn here), and the yarn! I'll post a pic with Heather wearing the socks, but of course not until after Christmas. I hope they fit her (we wear the same size shoe, so I am pretty sure they will fit).

I am in LOVE with Lorna's Laces. The yarn is so soft and it is pretty durable. And the colors! I already have a new colorway (again one of the Shepherd Sock's), which will go to a pair of socks for mum!

Not much variation from the original pattern, other than the number of stitches I cast-on. And I included black elastic thread in the toe and heel, just for added support. And I like how it hugs the toe and heel. The big kicker for me was the bind-off as I initially did the tubular bind-off TOTALLY incorrectly. So for the second sock I had my always obliging SO snap some pictures while I mumbled the instructions over… and over… and over… again. Here they are…

Tubular Bind-off for a 1x1 ribbing
1 – Cut the yarn so you have enough (yes I messed this up right away), and thread onto a tapestry needle.
2 – Go thought the first stitch knitwise and slip that stitch off (make sure to not pull tightly).
3 – Insert needle purlwise in the (now) second stitch on the knitting needle. This will need to remain quite loose. I pulled this step tight and had to rip back and do the whole bind-off over so it was loose enough (okay, I had to do that twice).
4 – Now insert needle purlwise in the first stitch and slip that stitch off – a total of 2 stitches have been BO.
5 – Next, insert the needle into (between) the first and second stitches, from the back of the work to the front.
6 - Finally, your yarn should be in the front of your work and now insert the needle knitwise into the second stitch so your yarn is again in the back of your work.
7 - Repeat this until you have BO all stitches.

Maybe next time I do a toe up sock I will FINALLY remember how to do this BO properly!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

The SO surprised me with a trip to Chicago to see Wicked! LOVED-LOVED-LOVED the performance. Words can't even describe how much I loved the show. I read the book (Gregory Maguire), eons ago (think back to freshman year of college). My undergraduate professor, and advisor of everything, recommended the book and I loved it then. Because I loved the show so much and it was so long ago that I read it, I may have to bust out that book soon to re-read!

And to kickoff the Holiday Season, the SO and I put up the Christmas tree!
Yes, that is a fence around the tree.

That is because this bugger:

... will eat things off the tree. Yes, that cute little fuzzy thing. He is known to wait until no one is watching then launch himself off the couch onto random things (i.e. table, people, piano) so he can then eat things (i.e. food scraps, papers, blankets) that come into contact with his hooving mouth. I'm going to assume that acrylic pine needles and glass/plastic/ceramic ornaments are not supposed to be in a Netherland Dwarf rabbit's normal diet. I'm sure that would work wonders on the digestive system. Hence, ghetto fence around our Christmas tree. (BTW - those sexy legs are those of the one and only SO). Oh, and the little devil is litter box trained, as you can see here sitting high and proud on his poopie tray/throne. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008


Here are the arm warmers!

The pattern is by Sylvia Hager from Blue Sky Alpaca's, appropriately named "Arm Warmers."

The yarn is a bamboo blend, from SWTC. The cheeky colorway is called Girlieflauge. Cute!

These were started back in early October because I was bored and waiting for my Knit Picks yarn to come in. I did not order enough yarn for a different project (looong story there, the post will come soon). Basically instead of going for walks/runs outside I stayed in and knit these because of the baseball playoffs! But alas, my BoSox weren't able to pull it out this year. :( But Revolution and Patriots are still going strong!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Starting Out

Just a practice run -- Let's see if this works. If so... I'm a blogger!