Join the Purple Club... everyone's doing it

I have the best SO ever!

I am working on sock for mum for Christmas. Yes, she reads the blog, but it's okay, she told me she wants a scarf. When I told her I wanted to make her socks she said "What the hell am I suppose to do with them?" Hmmm... she's quick like that.

Anyways... back to why my SO is the best. As I'm working on these socks I keep commenting on how much I love this yarn. We already know how much I love Lorna's Laces (see previous blog about Heather's socks). Let me show you a picture, and you'll understand why I love the yarn so much:
The colorway is called Purple Club. The yarn is actually a little more purple and a little less blue, but my camera can only handle so much lovely color! Can you see why I love it so much?

The other day the SO surprised me with 2 more skeins of Purple Club! Yay! Two more! I am totally making a pair of socks (or new arm warmers) once done with mum's socks. Thank you hun, I heart you!
And here is a preview of mum's socks (mum don't look if you want to be surprised).

Yarn: Lorna's Laces, Purple Club (just so fun to say!)

Pattern: Jaywalker (on Ravelry) by Grumperina, but with some modifications utilizing the toe-up version

Started: 12/8/08 - During Knit Night, I CO about 3 times and couldn't count. Then decided to do toe-up instead of cuff down as the pattern is written. I totally can't count when I'm around people. Note to self: CO before going to Knit Night!

Don't worry mum, if you don't like them, or if they don't fit you, they appear to fit me quite well so far!