Holiday Cards - Made and Sent!

That's what 60+ handmade, signed, postmarked and (now) sent, holiday cards look like. Yep, that's right, over 60 handmade cards. Finished BEFORE Christmas! That's pretty good for me.

Actually, I can't take all of the credit because the SO helps me make the cards. We have a system (two OCD students of neuroscience, following a systematic protocol... no!). Typically, I will create a couple of potential designs, usually using rubber stamps and card stock colored paper. We will then debate (for a dude he can be very picky about things) over the style, design and colors. Then I make a final prototype - usually followed by some more debating, and once finalized we then start the process of actually making the cards. As mentioned, this part of the process is very systematic, the stamping, cutting, coloring, gluing etc. I won't bore you with all the details now. Basically the whole process this year lasted about a week (well, the evenings consisted of an hour or two of crafty goodness).

The front of 2008 Holiday Cards:

The inside (reads: "Wishing you a magical holiday season full of warmth and love"). The SO had to have the bunny feet stamped inside.

And the back has the signature Made with Tender loving care, by us. And our now traditional environmental reminder stamp.

I still can't get over the fact that this year we made more than 60 handmade cards. A couple of people have asked me why I don't just buy holiday cards from the store. And yes, I could do that. But I feel that by making the cards I at least have a little more connection with each person I send a card to. I can't see or hang out with everyone for the holiday. I would absolutely love to. But there is no way I could see everyone. And there is no way I can afford to send everyone that I appreciate and treasure as a family and friends gifts.... So at least by sending them a handmade card, they get a little something that lets them know I spent some time on their card and they are special to me. And as long as the recipients know we care about them, the time spent is more than worth it.