And once again... I start a fashion trend!

Okay, so a couple of days ago I DVR'ed (is that a new word?), the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Anyone who knows me knows that I love this company. I worked for them for about 6 years, and just love the clothes. I know, they are horrible for the environment and for women and girls. And as a feminist I do have issue with how women are objectified. However, I love the products. I can't help it. Maybe the years of working there brainwashed me.

Well going back to the fashion show. I have this wicked bad habit of getting really excited when I see some items that are based on old lines (think Earth Angels, Body Bare, Signature V Collection), and are basically revamped or "done up" for the fashion show and possibly the upcoming seasons. I tend to name off the old/new line that the item is probably based on and what is new and cool about the new item. And I also tend to include additional information, such as, when the old line was featured in stores and how it sold (or in some cases, how did not sell, sorry Body Flex!), as well as the key features of the product. At one point during the show, my SO turned to me and said "You know, you make watching half naked, beautiful women very boring." Thanks hun, I try whatever I can to urk you in every way possible. :)

Now I'm just rambling. So, the reason for this post and for the excitement is this: During the Pink Collection segment, I noticed something very peculiar. A number of the models were wearing arm warmers, leg warmers and knee length striped socks!
Figure 1. Please note the pink and red striped arm warmies. So cute!
Figure 2. Again Please note the monochromatic use of styling with the wrist warmers. I'm going to guess these are a gauntlet style wrist warmer (think similar to Fetching).
Figure 3. Finally please notice the knee high socks.
How much do I love these! How long have I been knitting and wearing these items? And please notice the stripped garter stitched scarf in the last pic. Very similar to my Fibonacci striped scarf (here), that I have made for a couple of peeps!

Since moving to Indiana, I have noticed fashion takes a little longer to reach the Midwest (as well as other things that take a while to catch on out here). It seems that whenever I go home to the Northeast and find items that are "in" for the season, it will take a while (a couple seasons to a year), before the trend becomes popular here. Last year I fell in love with knee high socks. Particularly soccer socks with the stripes (aka: tube socks). And I've noticed these are very popular on both east and west coasts. And yet no one seems to be wearing them (well, I do. But I bounce to my own beat). Then earlier this year I fell for arm/wrist warmers. I have made (aka, knit) these items and worn them to work which has prompted many to pick on me. Well after seeing the Vicky's show I am certain that I, not only am up with the current styles, but yes my friends, I start trends! Here's to arm and leg warmers and knee high socks for the next season!