3ish more days

3ish more days until we start the trek to NH!

I'm actually a little nervous about the trip. I have done the NH/IN driving trip a couple of times. And while at Morehead Univ. I did the trip many, many times. I've done the drive by myself and with others. But I'm nervous this year because of the horrible weather that keeps getting worse by the day! For example, Mum keeps telling me about the thousands of people who are still out of power since the terrible ice storm 2 weeks ago! I mean, for real dudes!

It really doesn't look like it's going to let up either. As I write this post (while at a very dead and quiet laboratory here at Purdue), it is doing a really weird snow/ice mix outside. It actually looks like this snow/ice mix is occurring in most places in the US. As shown here from our peeps at weatherchannel.com.

This wintry mix is suppose to continue throughout the week into the weekend. And just to show what my drive is going to consist of on the 26th, here is a close up. Please note from Indiana (just north of Indianapolis) to southern NH. Notice how we go from snow, to rain and back to snow (funny thing, I just typed snot instead of snow... Freudian typing going on?).

Why did I decide to drive this year? Last year it was sunny for Christmas (as sunny as New England gets during the winter time). But no... this year because I have decided to drive, with the SO and the bunny diva, it is deciding to become known as one of the worse winters, well at least for this decade. Yay me.
Tonight I'll get the travel knitting projects together so stay tuned!