Happy Turkey Day!

The SO surprised me with a trip to Chicago to see Wicked! LOVED-LOVED-LOVED the performance. Words can't even describe how much I loved the show. I read the book (Gregory Maguire), eons ago (think back to freshman year of college). My undergraduate professor, and advisor of everything, recommended the book and I loved it then. Because I loved the show so much and it was so long ago that I read it, I may have to bust out that book soon to re-read!

And to kickoff the Holiday Season, the SO and I put up the Christmas tree!
Yes, that is a fence around the tree.

That is because this bugger:

... will eat things off the tree. Yes, that cute little fuzzy thing. He is known to wait until no one is watching then launch himself off the couch onto random things (i.e. table, people, piano) so he can then eat things (i.e. food scraps, papers, blankets) that come into contact with his hooving mouth. I'm going to assume that acrylic pine needles and glass/plastic/ceramic ornaments are not supposed to be in a Netherland Dwarf rabbit's normal diet. I'm sure that would work wonders on the digestive system. Hence, ghetto fence around our Christmas tree. (BTW - those sexy legs are those of the one and only SO). Oh, and the little devil is litter box trained, as you can see here sitting high and proud on his poopie tray/throne. :)