Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Last Chance for Portuguese Knitting!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

MORE fiber!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Portuguese Knitting!

Wow! Who knew Portuguese (also known as Peruvian or Bosnian) knitting would be so popular! Only a couple more slots...

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Monday, September 28, 2015

New Adventures

New Adventures for DrChopSuey Knits! I've begun to enhance my knitting teaching career by expanding to another knitting shop! I'm still teaching and working (and LOVING) WoolWinders Yarn Shop in Rockville, Maryland. But now I'm also teaching at Knit Locally, another LYS located in Boyds, Maryland. I am excited to meet more people, get even more experience with teaching, and continue to deepen my knitting knowledge!

I really love this new LYS because they carry different yarns than my home base shop, and they have a focus on local artists (they feature artwork, jewelry, bags and goods made by local artists). And Knit Locally is set up and decorated in a very elegant style that just makes you feel welcomed and comfortable.

I'm teaching two Thursdays a month (again, this is in addition to my regular Saturdays at WoolWinders!), from 6:30 - 8:30pm. These sessions are called 'Knits of the Round Table' where you can drop by and I can help you with your project! I'm hoping these turn into awesome and fun Thursday evenings where people come and go (mostly come and stay) and knit with me for the 2 hours! For more information please see the Knit Locally site.

These sessions start this coming Thursday, October 1st. Come and bring a friend! I hope to see you there!

I'm excited to announce a new knitting class I'm teaching - Knits of the Round Table at Knit Locally! Join me two times...
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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wowza - Better late than never!

Wowza - I'm so bad at updating this site!

Actually if you want to stay on the most up-to-date info on DrChopSuey Knits you might want to Like and Follow my DrChopSuey Knits Facebook page.

On another note -- it looks like when I last wrote, I blogged about brioche knitting. Well folks, brioche is still HOT and happening! In fact, check out my upcoming classes:

Brioche Knitting is just like the bread - it is hot, Hot, HOT! Learn it now, while it's the hip thing. Join me at...
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So that's all for now. Check out and like the FB page and maybe I'll start posting on here again soon!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Brioche Knits

More Doubled fabrics!

I have been all about double knitting lately and these projects are no different. I fell for brioche knitting and with all the hoopla as of late, it looks like many others out there have as well!

So what is brioche knitting? Brioche knits are sort of similar to the brioche bread that you are familiar with. Similar to the bread, the knitted fabric is a bulky, lofty, and ridged fabric that looks like stitches sitting on top of one another. The fabric creates lovely pronounced columns where the knit stitches litterly pop off and appear to float above other stitches. The fisherman's rib produces a similar final outcome but the method by which one gets to the result is different. In brioche knitting you slip one and create a yarn over. On the next row the slipped stitch is worked with the yarn over. In the fisherman's rib you knit through the stitch below, essentially creating that yarnover as you knit.

Either way, the brioche knit and look is in right now. Nancy Marchant is famous in the brioche knits world, just published a new book: Knitting Fresh Brioche: Creating Two-Color Twists & Turns. Knitting Daily sent out a number of brioche-related stories lately. And I saw brioche patterns and spotlights in a number of knitting magazines this winter.

So why not jump on the brioche bandwagon?!

I will be teaching a Brioche Cowl class at WoolWinders Yarn shop this weekend. I think it's actually sold out. But good news... it'll be offered again in the spring so stay tuned for the dates and times.

What cowl will I be teaching? Well I'm glad you asked. I'll be teaching two of my own pattern designs!

The first is the Twisted Brioche Cowl.

Available for free from Ravelry
Needles:  US size 10 (6.0 mm)

The second project is called Button It Brioche Cowl.

Pattern available for $2.00 on Raverly
Needles: US Size 10 (6.0 mm)

Both patterns are available here on my website, under the tab: Designs http://www.drchopsueyknits.com/p/drchopsuey-knits-designs.html). Both links will kick you over to the DrChopSuey Knits page on Ravelry where you can download the patterns. 

Both projects are fun and relatively quick knits (once you learn how to do the brioche stitch). The reason the one pattern is paid for... I had to do some math.  :)   

If you try out my patterns please link to it on Ravelry and let me know if you find any issues so I can quickly fix and post errata. Enjoy and stay warm!